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Stupa Berlin Projekt

Ein Projekt von Bodhicharya Deutschland e.V.
in Berlin, Deutschland

In the capital of Germany, Berlin, a stupa for world peace is under construction. It is build on the ground of the Buddhist Association Bodhicharya Deutschland e.V.

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Über das Projekt

In the garden area at Bodhicharya center in Berlin-Friedrichshain, the construction of a Stupa for Worldpeace is under constructions.

The nonprofit and benevolent association Bodhicharya Deutschland (Germany) for peace and mutual understanding, under the patronage of H.H. Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje, is active in the fields of healing, encouragement and harmony.

Stupas originated in India more than two thousand years ago and were used mostly as reliquaries. They are considered as the most important symbol of Buddhism. A stupa is a sacred building, which embodies the spirit of an awakened being, a Buddha. Its diverse symbolic meanings point out to the spiritual path. The sacred building inspires not only due to its beauty and great symbolic value, but also embodies the principle of feng shui. The traditional architecture and the design of the surrounding garden are constructed according to certain rules, so that healing energy can flow freely The energetic radiance of a stupa is based on the items that are stored in its interior: relics of awakened beings, essential phrases (mantra) of healing power, wisdom, protection and prosperity written down millions of times, medicinal herbs, healing mineral stones, precious metals and other salutary objects. Stupas have a cleansing effect on the elements, promote the inner and outer balance between man and his environment and thus contribute to peace in the world. 

The monument, six-meter-high and freestanding, blends in its traditional form harmoniously with the surrounding historic buildings inventory of the garden area. The construction is expertly guided and built by professional stupa builders from the Buddhist Institut Lekshey-Ling in Kathmandu / Nepal, Chojey Lama Phuntsok and Khenpo Karma Namgyal, 

The stupa is to serve visitors from all cultures and religions of the world to engage in quiet contemplation, meditation, determination and motivation and to revitalize. A stupa is circumambulated clockwise, silently, and in a meditative mood. With its completion, this monument of peace will be a magnet for the district Friedrichshain and for the city of Berlin.

Towards the end of 2017 and for 2018, the expected costs for the construction and the harmonious design of the immediate vicinity of the stupa are as follows: Costs of construction: €50.000, logistics costs: €12.000, costs fort the design of the garden: €16.000. 

A stupa is built in a way so that it may benefit countless people throughout many centuries. To bring about the benefits of other beings is of great spiritual merit. Accordingly, since immemorial time, this beneficial effect has been proclaimed to all people who contribute financially and with support for the construction of a stupa. May many people enjoy the fruition of this construction. For more information, please visit: