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Help for Friends - Zambia

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Über uns

Help for Friends – Zambia is an NGO founded and based in Germany in November 2020. It was started by a group of Germans who have previously been posted as volunteers to, or have been living in Zambia and still feel connected to the country and its people.

Help for Friends – Zambia wants to provide different kinds of support to local Zambian civil society organisations that work in the fields of
- Arts & culture
- Education & (school) sports
- Nature conservation & sustainable natural resources management
- Environmental education & healthy nutrition
- Climate protection, adaptation & advocacy

Help for Friends – Zambia sees itself as a “helping friend” to its Zambian civil society partners (i. e. local groups or organisations in Zambia) and not as the primary initiator of new organisations & projects. We are not the main decision-makers in the organisations and projects that we partner with, but aim to offer our humble support to make our partners succeed in their endeavours.


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