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Help for Friends - Zambia

managed by VH

About us

Help for Friends – Zambia is an NGO based in Germany and founded in November 2020. It was started by a group of people who have previously been posted as volunteers to, have been living in, or family ties to Zambia and still feel connected to the country and its people.

Help for Friends – Zambia wants to provide different kinds of support to local Zambian civil society organisations that work in the fields of
- Nature conservation & sustainable natural resources management
- Environmental education & healthy nutrition
- Climate protection, adaptation & advocacy
- Arts & culture
- Education & (school) sports

Help for Friends – Zambia sees itself as a “helping friend” to its Zambian civil society partners (i. e. local groups or organisations in Zambia). We are not the main decision-makers in the organisations and projects that we partner with, but aim to offer our support and advice to the best of our abilities to make our partners succeed in their valuable endeavours.


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