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Let's put hands together to support marginalized Community in need

  Berlin N.  03. März 2014 um 07:36 Uhr

Rajalashmi and her husband, and his parents before him, inherited the laundry business from their parents. They live in Thachankurchi, a small village near Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.

Rising income levels, growing aspirations meant that that there is a growing demand for their services. However, Rajalakshmi’s income has stagnated as there is a physical limit to how many clothes can be washed. In addition to this, the family has grown from 3 to 7 pushing them into poverty. It’s actually challenging to cover the daily expenses. Feeding the children is a priority, while their education is not assured. 

Rajalashmi needs  £3000 to purchase a low-end industrial washing machine that will help to set up a village laundry service, catering to the needs of her entire village and consistently improve the livelihood of the family.



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