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Helping small and marginal Dairy farmers

Vallam, Thanjavur District, Indien

Helping small and marginal Dairy farmers

Vallam, Thanjavur District, Indien

Working with small and marginal farmers

Berlin N. von Arohana Seva Foundation | 
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Über das Projekt

Arohana aims to empower the small and marginal farmer be highly productive and thereby compete with rich farmers - Based in Vallam, a panchayat of Thanjavur district, we envision the creation of highly productive dairy clusters by providing conveniences such as cheaper animal feed, best practice training and micro financing facilities to the dairy farmer/s enabling him/them to expand herd size and adopt to appropriate automation.

Currently employing 59 people, we would reach out to an estimated 2,000 Dairy farmers who now earn under USD 2/- per day. 

Arohana aims to increase yield for these farmers through leveraging industry best practices and continued partnerships with self help groups to grow and help marginal farmers prosper.

Your cooperation through these donations are aimed at investing in equipment that will help Arohana's farmers increase their productivity and independence. Please note that all proceeds will be directly forwarded to the farmers.

This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich/Berlin:

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 18. September 2020