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African Women for Empowerment e.V.

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Brief History
African Women for Empowerment (AWE e.V.) was founded by four Human Rights activist women who met on many occasions and started talking about creating an NGO in 2018.
In October 2019 our dream became reality as we in the course of our activism developed a strong passion for the disadvantaged and destitute people especially women, children and Persons living with Disabilities (PWDs).
We soon realized how much potential each of us has and most especially, that bringing together our talents and resources in an organization would be of greater benefit to a larger community of people.
Especially as we strongly believe that a brighter future for Africa can only be realised by a greater involvement, engagement and commitment of women.
Our goal is to engage ourselves and improve the lives of the Women, children, youths and persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the entire African continent and to work in line with / achieve the Millennium goals as decided by United Nation

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

We received a payout of €174.75

  Eleanor Hagen  31. März 2021 um 17:08 Uhr

The project is meant to help displaced mothers who have had to escape their homes due to war. We intended buying sewing machines and other sewing accessories for handicrafts.
In the meantime, some of these women have been working in some independent sewing workshops for other people receiving next to nothing for their work. Their expertise is being exploited given their vulnerability and desperation. In all of this, they often have to provide the basic sewing materials themselves.  
Given that what has been donated so far cannot really buy a good machine,  we would prefer to use it to procure sewing materials and other accessories that they can use wherever they are able to work. This should help them save a little bit more money to be able to  get decent working tools later, hoping that we are able to raise some more money to help  them realise this project



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