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African Women for Empowerment e.V.

managed by Eleanor Hagen

About us

Brief History
African Women for Empowerment (AWE e.V.) was founded by four Human Rights activist women who met on many occasions and started talking about creating an NGO in 2018.
In October 2019 our dream became reality as we in the course of our activism developed a strong passion for the disadvantaged and destitute people especially women, children and Persons living with Disabilities (PWDs).
We soon realized how much potential each of us has and most especially, that bringing together our talents and resources in an organization would be of greater benefit to a larger community of people.
Especially as we strongly believe that a brighter future for Africa can only be realised by a greater involvement, engagement and commitment of women.
Our goal is to engage ourselves and improve the lives of the Women, children, youths and persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the entire African continent and to work in line with / achieve the Millennium goals as decided by United Nation

Latest project news


  Eleanor Hagen  29 June 2023 at 01:52 PM

Our team visited the Kai Blessed Farmers site in March 2023 and decided to participate in staking of the yams  together with the KBF members, some were bringing sticks while others were staking the crop. The men in KBF go to bushes near by cutting sticks that will be used for staking. Team spirit, the feeling of camaraderie among the members of the group, enabling them to cooperate and work well together. Yams staking helps tuber go deep into the soil and makes weeding easy amongst several benefits. This process is quite tasking.

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