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Self-Sustainability Empowerment Of Women In Southern Cameroons

Ein Projekt von African Women for Empowerment e.V.
in Yaounde, Kamerun

Provide Sewing Maschines For Women (War Victims) To Enable Them Set Up A Business

Eleanor Hagen
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Über das Projekt

We have 10 mothers  amongst the many who fled the war torn zone in Cameroon for survival, stranded in some remote area around Yaounde Cameroon with no way to fend for themselves and their children. Their husbands have been killed in the ongoing war and they have nobody to turn to.
These women have sewing skills and other manual skills but need the necessary equipment to start a living. A place to open their workshop, sewing machines, material, etc.  We will start by supplying for 3 women and bring more in as time goes on, hoping that the little the 3 women can raise will be able to at least help the others too for a while until things improve for them all.
These widows need help to start a workshop with their  skills like  sewing, knitting, embroidery and other manual skills. 
With time we intend to help more of such stranded mothers. 

Eleanor Hagen - Project Coordinator 
Tel: +49176 221 250 44  Email: