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Ein Museum der Farben

wird verwaltet von N. Le Duff (Kommunikation)

Über uns

Trotz ihrer Allgegenwärtigkeit in unseren Gesellschaften und Kulturen gibt es kein Ort, der zahlreiche und vielfältige Kenntisse über Farben sammelt. Es ist die Herausforderung, die das Museum der Farben annehmen will.

Farben sind universell, multidisziplinär und zeitlos und mit mehreren Aspekten unserer Umbegung verbindet: in der Kunst, in den Symbolen oder im täglichen Leben. Wir werden die Besuchern dazu bringen, zu verstehen, wie Menschen die Farben wahrnehemen, interpretieren und benutzen.

Farben spielen eine wichtige Rolle in verschiedenen Fächer und gehören zu der gemeinsamen Erbe des Menschheit: sie formen unsere Welt und Kulturen. Deswegen richtet sich das Museum an alle. Es wird in einer europäischen Hauptstadt lokalisiert, deren Einfluss Touristen und Partners aus der ganzen Welt anziehen wird.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Latest news

Next Exhibition! From the 7th to the 22th of April!

  N. Le Duff  22. Januar 2018 um 15:59 Uhr

 Hello all,

In collaboration with Flutgraben e.V., the Museum of Colours organises a series of exhibition dedicated to the theme of colour. After holding its pilot exhibition in January and two others in June and November, the Museum will be presenting its fourth exhibition from the 7th to the 22th of April : COLOURS IN (DIS)ORDER.

Each exhibition is divided into three areas. The Colours Lab introduces a parallel between sciences and arts to provide a better understanding of the attributes of colours. The Colours of Berlin studies the diversity of the places and roles colours have in our urban environment. The Colour Room focuses on a specific colour to explore its multiple significations and nuances.In the upcoming exhibition the three spaces will be organised as follows:

Colours to ordinateUsing colours implies to understand how they function regarding one another. For centuries, scientists and artists have been trying to give logical, rational and aesthetic order to colours. Nowadays, various systems such as the Natural Colour System, RAL or Pantone allow the various intermediaries of production processes to have one common reference point.

Functional colours Since the 19th century and the development of the city, Berlin has had to conceive new signaletic elements to make the city readable for its citizens and strollers. Berlin is yellow and orange among others. Using public transportation, sorting waste and finding a service or shop are examples of the many conventions that rely on functional colours. Furthermore, many striking even if temporary colours are to be found in the cityscape, as pink and blue pipes or orange and yellow cranes characterising the construction activities steadily taking place in town.

The Yellow RoomThe Yellow Room will shine everywhere through the exhibition. Yellow is a colour with several meanings. Especially the colour of the sun and the light is yellow as a symbol of youth, spring and life. It is a serene colour associated with keen mind and creativity. As the colour of light and gold, it is also the colour of the charisma and is considered as a warm colour. In Asia, it is the colour of beauty, harmony and the divine. Yellow is known for its different aspects and textures: the translucency of honey, the incomprehensibility of light or the materiality of gold.Thus, yellow is also a colour that can be rated negative, particularly since the Middle Ages, it is commonly connected to deception, adultery or cheating. Since yellow represents a fleeting hue that can simply be "contaminated" by other colours, in the 19th century it was associated with madness and instability.

Exhibits will be as diverse as the colour palette: pieces of art, models, everyday life objects, pictures, colour materials, and more.

We need your support to keep on..... and we gladly invite you to come check it out! 

Colourful vibes to you all!
The Museum of Colours Team 



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