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Der Living Gaia e.V. unterstützt hauptsächlich bewusstseinsbildende Projekte in Südamerika, die durch Veranstaltungen und Selbsterfahrungsmöglichkeiten den Kulturaustausch insbesondere zwischen indigenen Kulturen und modernen westlichen Kulturen fördern. Wir unterstützen Projekte zur Errichtung und Entwicklung von Begegnungs- und Bildungsstätten für alternative und umweltverträgliche Lebensweisen.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

News from our Land Purchase Project!

  Marie I.  14. April 2023 um 10:10 Uhr

The land purchase project continues to move forward. In November 2022, Rodrigo and Luisa, our Brazilian partners, were on site in Jordão to clarify the final details with Mr Melo, the land owner.  Currently, the final version of the purchase agreement is being drafted by our lawyers in Brazil. In the meantime, we have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Instituto Yuxin, which is now called Insituto Yubekã (which means "transformation" in hatxã kuin). The institute has been our partner institution since the beginning of the land acquisition project. The Memorandum of Understanding regulates what happens to the land after the purchase. The central points are the right of the indigenous Huni Kuin over all decisions concerning the land, as well as the permanent protection of the forest, and the transfer of the entire land (16,800 hectares, or 168 square kilometres, larger than the city district of Mannheim) to a foundation. This is currently in the process of being established. As the conclusion of the purchase contract is imminent, the Instituto Yuxin will be the provisional owner. The contract regulating the conditions for the transfer of the first partial payment to the Instituto Yubekã has already been signed. The land is located in one of the last areas where uncontacted groups of Indians reside. Securing this area is therefore of great importance. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your patience. Thanks to your support, we were able to overcome many hurdles in the Brazilian bureaucracy and bring the project so far forward. The purchase of land enables the Huni Kuin to protect their habitat, their culture and their knowledge. This knowledge is also valuable for us in Europe. We can learn from the Huni Kuin how to live a life in harmony with nature. Last but not least, the Amazon rainforest with its unique biodiversity and its important function for the climate is being protected.  
Simon and Jaci from Living Gaia e.V. are currently in Acre with the Huni Kuin. Yesterday they visited the land for sale together with representatives of the Huni Kuin and are moving the purchase process forward. We look forward to sharing fresh information with you soon about the status on the ground.



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