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CBSM Kimilili

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Über uns

CBSM is a school providing education for 350 orphans and vulnerable children in Kimilili / Western Kenya.

CBSM is a registered charity organisation under the umbrella of the Rütli Stiftung (Trust) in Switzerland, found in July 2011. The members are not paid and offer their free time, knowledge and experience on a voluntarily basis. All additional administration costs are covered by the team members so that it is guaranteed that 100% of all donations are directly invested into improving the situation of the Kimilili Community.

The CBSM school is not supported by the Kenyan government, but survives on donations from the school parents.

The school is extremely poor and was threatened with closure by the ministry of education due to the precarious situation: a mud hut in the middle of nowhere with no toilets, neither water nor electricity, not enough classrooms for the 350 kids, walls falling apart, no school books or other learning material.

This was, when CBSM Switzerland decided to support the school to prevent its closure and provide a better future for 350 kids

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Ich habe 1.718,26 € Spendengelder erhalten

  (Gelöschtes Mitglied)  30. Januar 2018 um 14:45 Uhr

Thank you all for supporting my run. It was exausting, but rewarding.

The donations collected will go towards building additional classroom walls, taking some of the children out of the mud huts. 




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