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The Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Germany and Cameroon. Since 2001, we have been committed to children and women in Cameroon.

We are active in the fields of development cooperation, awareness and education.
Over the years, we have been successfully implementing projects and improving lives in the rural and city areas of Cameroon. Through contact with the Cameroonian population we are in constant exchange about problems and solutions.

In Germany we organize charity events and carry out information and education projects at Berlin schools in order to raise students’ awareness about development related issues.

Our motivation to improve the standard of living in Cameroon drives us to work hard towards this goal. We believe education, empowerment and integration are the main components of a livable world.
The following is an impression of our diverse projects.

Latest project news

Another school year is over!

  F. Gerald Bobga  10 June 2021 at 11:16 AM

We would like to share with you a little review of the first half of 2021:

After a colourful Christmas and a good start into the new year, we picked up our monthly outdoor cooking lessons again in January. Every month, the students of RIBS (Rising International Bilingual School) learn to cook a new traditional dish from Cameroon.

In April, we all together celebrated Earth Week: The school was cleaned up and tidied and the students were able to embellish the school grounds by planting trees. A lot was learned about the important role of trees in a sustainable and healthy world. We hope the trees will grow at least as big and strong as the commitment our students showed.

May was an exciting month for us: for the first time since RIBS was founded, our students participated in the Common Entrance Examination! We are more than proud to report that all 5 students passed the exam with outstanding results!

The school year ended with a wonderful graduation ceremony! For the first time we had to say goodbye to students with a successful graduation from RIBS. At the same time, we were able to welcome a new first grade class from the nursery. There was a lot of clapping, singing and dancing. We wish the graduates good luck on their further way and our new students a good start!

With all this memories, we look back on a successful and beautiful school year. The trying out, the learning, and the big and small successes, the joint celebrations: all this was possible with your help! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you: Thank you for your support!

At the moment we are planning the construction of 6 new classrooms in order to accommodate even more children in our school and to offer them an appropriate learning atmosphere, so that we can proudly congratulate them on their graduation in a few years.

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