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Shoe Aid Project - Changing footprints into shoeprints

A project from Hope Foundation e.V.
in Bertoua, Cameroon

With the "Shoe Aid Project", we are pursuing two goals: to remedy the lack of footwear through donations for thousands of families in Cameroon, Africa, and to achieve a sustainable change for the society through the training of local shoemakers.

F. Gerald Bobga
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About this project

Shoe Aid Project - Changing footprints into shoeprints!

Millions of children and adults all around the world face that scenario on a daily basis. No or only unsuitable footwear increases the risk of injuries and dangerous infectious diseases like "Jigger". In the long run, this leads to children being unable to go to school and adults getting injured at work, for example on construction sites or in agriculture, or while doing sports. 

With your donation for the "Shoe Aid Project" you are helping us to sustainably improve the situation in Cameroon!

The "Shoe Aid Project" is a shoe donation, recycling and vocational training program: We collect hardly worn and unused shoes in Germany and pass it on to those children and families in Cameroon who can not afford to buy shoes themselves. We also help to sustainably change the community: We train local shoemakers at workshops and advise them on how to expand their business. We also encourage them to train others to become shoemakers themselves.

Your donation enables us to meet these fundamental needs and to provide help to the people helping themselves.

You can also find up-to-date information on our project’s website and on the homepage of the Hope Foundation