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Rising Education - Building of school in Bertoua, Cameroon - build with us!

Bertoua, Cameroon

The aim of 'Rising Education' is the construction of a primary school in Cameroon, Africa. It is a project of the Hope Foundation and will include a nursery, a computer room, a Library and a community center. Education is development- build with us!

F. Gerald Bobga from Hope Foundation e.V.
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In 2013, we started the Rising Education project, and the motivation which empowered us to undertake this project, is guiding us ever since. We are happy to say that together with the people of Bertoua in East Cameroon, we achieved a lot on the way to our goal: An Education Centre that includes a primary-, nursery school and a community centre.

Over the years, our project enlarged and developed and finally, in 2019, we opened the RISING INTERNATIONAL BILINGUAL SCHOOL for the first pupils. We are planning to reach a capacity of 550 pupils. Therefore, we are incredibly lucky that in the school year of 2020 we could already welcome more than 100 new pupils. This overwhelming feedback further encourages us. 

Another essential matter for us is the empowerment of girls: they still suffer from disadvantages when it comes to education, so we aim to improve their access to it.

At the time, we are proud to have finished the administration building, a room for the local community, as well as multiple classrooms. Beyond that, we took care of sanitation systems: until 2020 we could open a water tower, an ecological filter system and, of course, new bathrooms.

In the next step, we are building another house; this will include 12 classrooms, a library, a computers room and a first aid room. The foundation work is already done, now it’s up to us to finish the rest!

Moreover, in the afternoon, the RISING TRAINING CENTER takes place in the classrooms. Here, people from the local community can attend various language, IT and management courses. Also, in the training centre, it is our goal to encourage women to educate themselves and to improve their professional opportunities.

During the weekends, the school’s premises provide space for diverse activities of the community. The Library, the playground and the computer room will be open to everyone free of charge. In this way, the school contributes to the vivid community live.

The remarkable advantages of the Rising Education project were only possible due to the support we received by different companies, families, foundations and private individuals. We want to thank all of them.

To continue the construction and to reach our final goal, we need your further help and your support!

Gerald Bobga Fonkenmun – Director, Hope Foundation.

You will find further information at the Hope Foundation.