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Rückenwind e.V.

managed by Martin G.

About us

"With our association work we want to contribute to a culture of welcome, which enables people in need to lead a peaceful and fulfilled life according to their own wishes and ideas in a secure and social community."

To achieve this, we promote the mobility of people who have just arrived in Berlin.

Many refugees have to travel long distances in the city: to offices, to school, to work, to shop or to take a German course. They often do this on foot, because their pocket money is usually not enough to buy a monthly ticket for public transport.

To make everyday life a little easier for these people, the Rückenwind association was founded in 2015. In its integration workshop, donated bicycles are collected, repaired and handed over to people with a refugee biography.

We are firmly convinced that the bicycle is the best means of transport for the city. Not only because it is a cheap and environmentally friendly way of travelling, but also because you can get to know and explore your new surroundings with your own strength and self-determination.

Our goals: We want to make people mobile, promote integration and protect the environment.

In order to achieve these goals, we are dependent on voluntary helpers and donations.

Latest project news

Wir haben 2.580,73 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Martin G.  23 March 2022 at 04:26 PM

Dank eurer Hilfe haben wir unser Spendenziel für das vergangene Jahr erreichen können! Im Jahr 2021 konnten über 200 Fahrräder an Menschen, die aus ihrem Heimatland flüchten mussten, ausgeben. Wir haben Radtouren organisiert und Aktionstage im Sommer durchgeführt und damit unseren kleinen Beitrag geleistet, um Ihnen das Ankommen in ihrer neuen Stadt zu erleichtern. Natürlich setzen wir unsere Arbeit auch in diesem Jahr fort, denn sie wird jetzt noch dringlicher gebraucht. Wir danken allen, die uns bis hierher unterstützt haben und freuen uns, wenn ihr uns auch weiterhin bei unser Arbeit unterstützen könnt. 

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