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Rückenwind e.V. – Bikes for refugees

Berlin, Germany

In our workshop in northern Neukölln, (new) Berliners receive a bicycle that has been repaired with the help of volunteer mechanics. Here they can also learn how to repair bicycles and become active in our association.

Martin G. from Rückenwind e.V.
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About Rückenwind e.V.
With the non-profit association "Rückenwind – Bikes for Refugees" we have set ourselves the goal of making people with a migration background mobile in Berlin and offering them a meaningful opportunity to work. For this purpose we run a workshop in northern Neukölln, where donated bikes are collected and repaired together.

In our workshop, we create a space for meeting and exchange, where origin, religion, gender or other stereotypes do not play a role. Here people meet at eye level, overcome language barriers and share a common enthusiasm for cycling.

What is the procedure in our workshop?
Donors of bicycles can contact us through our website. As soon as we’ve received the bicycle donation, we repair it in voluntary work. Our pool of committed volunteers is made up of people from different backgrounds and social classes. After the donated bicycle has been repaired, the refugees who have registered for a bicycle are invited to our workshop so that we can hand over their bicycle to them.

In addition, we offer everyone, with or without a migration background, the opportunity to learn how to repair bicycles with us. In regularly held workshops we teach the basics of bicycle technology step by step, in order to win over new volunteer bicycle repairers.
Our goals:
If you want to get around the city quickly and independently without having to spend money on tickets, the best thing is to get on your own bike. The best way to experience your new surroundings is by your own efforts. 


Through our association activities – inside and outside the workshop – we want to offer people who are new to Berlin the opportunity to make social contacts, learn a new language and pursue a meaningful activity. Through the joint use of bicycles or riding a bike, they should find it easier to arrive.


Environmental friendliness
We try to repair every bicycle that comes to our workshop. If this is no longer possible, all usable parts are removed and reused for the repair of other bicycles. In this way we not only contribute to ecologically sustainable mobility, but also to the sustainable use of resources.