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About us

INTERPLAST Germany is an association of plastic surgeons, orthopedists, traumatologists, oral, maxillofacial and facial surgeons, general surgeons, gynecologists, anesthesiologists, surgical nursing staff, physiotherapists and orthopedic technicians.
INTERPLAST Germany organizes approx. 80 assignments per year with teams between 5 and 20 team members.

The deployment must be approved by the local government and the respective institution responsible for the hospital. Occasionally, particularly interested doctors are brought to Germany for training purposes.

The medical equipment as well as the necessary medication and materials are donated in part by the corresponding manufacturers.

INTERPLAST offers its help in the respective country, but requires the invitation and the support of a hospital in the respective country.
The members of INTERPLAST-Germany e.V. perform plastic surgery mainly in developing countries free of charge.

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Wir haben 1.816,40 € Spendengelder erhalten

  M. Strotkötter  30 June 2021 at 01:53 PM

Liebe Freunde und Spender

vielen Dank für die zahlreichen Spenden. Das Geld wird eingesetzt für Medikamente im Anästhesiebereich, die wir für unsere Einsätze benötigen. 

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