Beendet Green Intifada

Bethlehem, Palästina

Beendet Green Intifada

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Practical action for land and people

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Green Intifada is a project designed to support Palestinian farmers in maintaining their connection to their land in the face of military occupation and colonisation.

Activities focus in areas where land is threatened with confiscation of is frequently attacked by Israeli settlers.

Tree planting can alter the legal status of the land, ensuring that it is not categorised as 'abandoned' and thus possible for the Israeli State to confiscate under Absentee Property Law.

Planting trees will also generate resources and income for the farmers in years to come, as well as providing environmental benefits such as controlling soil erosion, climatic amelioration, soaking up carbonn dioxide and producing oxygen.

Every week throughout the tree-planting season, Bustan Qaraaqa volunteers work with Palestinian farmers to plant as many trees as possible on their land.