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Radio Koode: Microphones to overcome hate and violence

Abuja, Nigeria

Radio Koodé is a cool little radio in the middle of a deadly conflict about natural resources. Correspondants all over West Africa contribute as volonteers to the program. But still there is need for electricity, internet and transmitter fees.

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Über das Projekt

Dear Donor, 
this Radio Koode International (RKI) is worth your support! It is a cool little radio station in the middle of a deadly conflict about natural resources. The Fulani People, a people of 70 million in the Sahel region of West Africa, have gotten their first radio in their own language. A group of Fulani radio journalists have put hands together to fight for peace, justice and new ideas of cattle rearing and agriculture. Since last year they are broadcasting on short wave, whatsApp and facebook live. Radio Koodé has some 10 thousand listeners already and they want to continue. 
Fulani people are in the center of a totally underreported conflict in Nigeria. Due to climate change, land grabbing and population growth land has become a scare commodity. Religious and political leaders have fueled the conflict to gain influence and cover up their criminal activities. Today more than 10,000 people have lost their lives because of the conflict, that sparked 10 years ago. 
Borderline-Europe e.V. is supporting this cross-border project because the Fulani as a nomadic people need open borders and free movement for survival. Corona has stopped their annual movements and the conflict is even more escalating. Radio Koodé is training herdsmen in hygienic measures and protection against deadly diseases, correspondents all over West Africa contribute as volunteers to the programm. But still bills for electricity, internet, the radio licence and transmitter fees have to be paid. 
Zuletzt aktualisiert am 26. Mai 2020