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Impacc Digital Platform

Ein Projekt von Impacc gGmbH
in Hamburg, Deutschland

The Impacc digital platform connects ideas with money and helps our entrepreneurs grow their businesses successfully - creating more and more green jobs for poor people.

Till Wahnbaeck
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Über das Projekt

The project is to establish a digital platform to enable the scaling up of job-intensive entrepreneurial ideas at Bottom of Pyramid markets. At the same time it aims to attract donors to commit social investments into green, job-creating SMEs.
The  platform will:
1. Match ideas with money: The platform will close the financing gap by attracting
donors to micro-franchise networks and enable their pathway to scale. It will help
change the development discourse from charitable giving to social investment and spearhead a results-focus through impact studies and transparent reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
2. Help them grow: The platform will provide essential services to enable the quick
scale-up of successful models, such as market information, customer segments, standard operating procedures, standardised business and financial modelling