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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Themba Labantu“ (S. Zittel) in Philippi East, Südafrika

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S. Zittel (verantwortlich)

S. Zittel
“I used to drink a lot of alcohol but now I stopped and I don't want to drink anymore"

Words spoken recently by Zizipho, a little girl who arrived completely drunk at our Pre-School at the age of three. Now at the age of seven she spends all her free time at our community centre. For kids like her, who have been abused, neglected and exposed to the negative influences of their surroundings, we started our School Aftercare Program. All the children, no matter of what age, experience iThemba Labantu (‘Hope for the People') as a safe place where they are accepted and loved.

- We can't change the community, but we can make a difference in the life of individual children -

So far we mainly assist them with their homework and take care of their well being. For our older kids and our youngsters we already offer a variety of different activities, including soccer, karate, marimba and drama. However, we urgently need a program for the children of the age six to eight. Dance classes are in our opinion a good idea. Dance has a therapeutical effect since young children can express themselves far better with movements and body language. In addition, it is a way to release stress and gain emotional balance. It also helps them to deal with the conflict of growing up in a society that experiences the clash of the African and the Western culture. Moreover, it teaches the kids how to integrate into groups and how to build up self- esteem. Besides that, dance classes constitute a way to keep alive the African tradition.
For the dance classes we will need to cover the costs for a dance teacher and for two drums.

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Ort: Philippi East, Südafrika

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