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Request for aid to continue a child labour Prevention school, India

Guntur , Indien

Stop and prevent child labor in a largest slum in Guntur, India through a special school by providing education, vocational skills training with nutritional meal, and classrooms equipment for 50 children.This project is running since 2008.

Rose Mary K. von The Bharath Abhyudaya Seva Samithi
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Many greetings and kind wishes to you from BASS- India. 
Swarnabharathinagar is a largest slums in Guntur city, where there is no basic infrastructure facilities provided by the government. Most of the families are not able to access education, health care and economical activities due to poverty. The children of these families are deprived as they don’t go to schools and attending to daily wage works to add income to their families. The innocent children were very much affected and missing their child hood joy and education and which leads to the violation of their rights.           

At this situation our organization BASS started child labor prevention Special Training school for identified abandoned child laborers in this slum in 2009 with the collaboration of Ministry of Labor, Government of India under National Child labor project. We are inculcating the habit of staying in class room and give them primary education to the children for 1 to 3 years period and later mainstream them to the further education. Every year we are promoting 10 to 15 children to the other higher schools and to admit another 15 new identified children in this school. So far 200 children were benefited through this school for the last 10 years and continued their further education. 

we are running the school in a small house with two rooms. It is very difficult for us to teach children and serve lunch in this house. The rooms itself are very congested and even 20 children can’t sit in a single room. Therefore we need to provide at least 2 more additional classrooms with toilets for all the children in the slum. Therefore we need to take second rented house for 2 more class rooms facilities with your help.
And also Children are not able to access three times meal in a day in their house since they are very poor and all children are looking forward to eat lunch in our school. We must need to provide improved nutritive meal to all children in the school. 
The children in the slum often wear the same clothing for many days consecutively. Their clothes are frequently used, old, unfitting, worn, with holes, stains and tears and are undignified. Therefore we need to protect children to feel confident and presentable in clean and well cared for clothing.

Unfortunately government is not providing the school teachers salaries and other needs since February 2019. We are very much difficult situation to continue the school.  Therefore please support partial salaries for teachers and the school house rent.  
We humbly requesting you to kindly help us to improve the classroom facilities and provide best nutrition, uniforms and education Material for the children of special child labor school in Guntur city.

This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich/Berlin: