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Beendet Unterstütze "Bureaucrazy" - deutsche Bürokratie vereinfachen

Berlin, Deutschland

Beendet Unterstütze "Bureaucrazy" - deutsche Bürokratie vereinfachen

Berlin, Deutschland

In den letzten 6 Monaten haben wir an der Entwicklung der "Bureaucrazy" App gearbeitet: einer webbasierten und mobilen Applikation, die Flüchtlingen, Neuankömmlingen und generell Migranten mit Formularen und Papierkram in Deutschland hilft.

A. Riechert von ReDI School of Digital Integration gGmbH | 
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Über das Projekt

For the past 6 months we have been working to develop the "Bureaucrazy" app: a web-based and mobile application, that would help refugees in Germany, newcomers and migrants in general with their paperwork and forms. Maybe in the future it could even help Germans!

We are a group of Syrian refugees and few mentors who helped us to start developing the app in ReDi School For Digital Integration ( Since we arrived to Germany and untill this day, we have suffered from the endless incomprehensible paperwork here in Germany. So, we figured we should do something about that to help ourselves and to help all the other refugees through this process, to spare the long waiting time and ease the stressful journey of knowing 1) what a person should do 2) where to go and 3) how to do it.

After we won the "Spacehack" hackathon, organised by Startup Summit Europe and ReDi School in collaboration with Facebook, we have noticed that this is not just a problem of refugees. It is a challenge for all migrants and newcomers here in Germany.

We aim to ease the bureaucratic experience for everyone, to free the mind space of all Newcomers with the stressful doubt questioning themselves wither they have done the papers correctly, and the feeling of being lost while searching for someone who can help with the process and translate the difficult bureaucratic language for them.

So now you might be asking, how would this app help with all that?

Bureaucrazy will be a mobile and web-based application, where we will enter all the forms you might encounter during your stay in Germany in to one database. Here they will be translated in to multiple languages starting with English, Arabic and German. The app will give you the ability to fill out all of these forms in your own language, through simple questions and answers.

Of course, you might be new to Germany and you have no idea where to start.

With Bureaucrazy we will offer you guidance. Simply, ask us what you want to do and we will tell you 1) what to do 2) where to go and 3) what you need to take with you.

Please help us make this application live and out there, with your generous donation.
Zuletzt aktualisiert am 24. September 2020