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Beendet Let's Support Viva a Vida's Drug Prevention Community Space, Bahia, Brazil

Ein Projekt von Associação Viva a Vida
in Vila de Abrantes, Brasilien

Support Viva a Vida to equip a Drug Prevention Community Space to provide its educational and arts activities for young people, informing them about drugs, strengthening their self-esteem and autonomy, and supporting them in making healthy choices.

Cressida E.
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Über das Projekt

Viva a Vida focuses on Drug Prevention in Vila de Abrantes (a semi-rural community in Bahia). In a community where there are almost no activities to divert young people from using and/or dealing drugs, Viva a Vida provides educational and arts activities for young people, keeping them informed, and giving them the strength to make healthy choices.

The community is afflicted by drug-related violence and has a high rate of murdered teenagers, as well as police-related violence and conflict. In February of this year Viva a Vida moved into it's very own Drug Prevention Community Space in the heart of Vila de Abrantes. This new space is allowing Grupo Vila Jovem, a truly youth-led community-based group, to be to able to attract new young people who have left or are no longer attending school.

While our Parents Workshops continue to take place in the local school, our community space is allowing us to open our doors to other community initiatives for both adults and young people and helping to build a real sense of community action. Our ground-breaking Theatre Group, which combines performing arts education with learning about drug prevention, now has a small space to rehearse in.

We are already starting to see the changes we want to see in the community, but we don't want to stop here! In the future we hope to provide graffiti, hiphop and boxing classes to the young people of Vila de Abrantes. However we cannot continue to do the work we do without your donations.

For this reason we are asking for your help to allow us to keep young people at-risk active, curious and learning, off the street yet busy within their community!