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Beendet PEACE-Int - Building a strong independent and critical Network in Africa

Victoria, Kamerun

P.E.A.C.E is a non-governmental organisation, a network and platform for peer exchange of scientific, academic and societal issues concerning Africans aimed at empowering the African communities.;

C. Yufanyi M. von Förderverein The VOICE e.V
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Giving back to the Community (GiBaCo) and fighting "Brain Drain" in our African Communities.

Peer Exchange of African Communities for Empowerment (P.E.A.C.E) is a network and platform for peer exchange of scientific, academic and societal issues concerning Africans aimed at empowering the African communities. While focusing on issues concerning the African continent, the main objectives of PEACE are to dissect, analyse and find solutions to problems concerning Africa. It deals with research, empirical data collection, publications and dissemination of information through different media outlets and other channels.

The Association/Organisation has been and would further network with other institutions like Universities, research institutes, cooperatives, NGOs, traditional and cultural institutions, village and community groups from all backgrounds and aspects in the South West region of Cameroon.

PEACE does not only look into issues to resolve problems or find solutions for empowering communities but brings a critical touch in these endeavours. It strives to balance the equation of influence between the powerful minority and the marginalised majority. This means critically dissecting and analysing the social, political and economic issues concerning African communities and creating an arena for understanding the challenges of the 21 century and proposing critical methods of tackling such challenges.

Some of our pressing challenges are:
1. Building a large network of international audience of Africans/Blacks and people of African Heritage
2. Build a strong network for critical Afrocentric Organisational issues, training and capacity building and enhancement
3. Establishing a Pan-African socio-cultural, economic, political and ecological foothold through our different projects and programs
4. Creating an independent and self-sustaining platform first for Africans who would want to join our ranks as Community Organizers.
5. Further/extend/advance knowledge and experience in IT- systems.

One further main challenge (coupled with widening our audience sphere), has been obtaining/acquiring financial support and mobilising committed/dedicated/reliable colleagues/fellow campaigners to continue our engagements, since we do not ask for funds from Western-oriented and based Organisations (one of our internal policies).

Aims/Objectives Of PEACE:
a) Active promotion and defence of African socio-cultural, political, economic, environmental rights.
b) Support activities that promote point "a"
c) Raise community awareness on socio-cultural, economic, environmental and livelihood issues.
d) Raise community awareness on civil and legal issues
e) Empower communities and institutions to improve rural livelihoods, sustainable natural resource management and political participation in society building through capacity building, self consciousness and information dissemination.
f) Research, analyse, publish and dissemination of information