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What does The VOICE continuously stand for?

Fight against Social Exclusion and Isolation:
Long years of Experience in the Fight against Isolation of Refugees in Camps and Lagers |Campaigns for the Closure of Isolation Camps |Successful Closure of Refugee Camps in Germany

Fight against deportation:
Publicity | campaigns for single persons | support of single persons | campaign against the collaboration of embassies in deportation hearings | scandalizing of deportation as racism and human rights' abuse

Awareness campaigns:
Racism | Exclusion | Discrimination | Apartheid | Isolation | Colonialism | Colonial injustice | Criminalization | Persecution of refugees in their home countries and here in Germany

Public Political Protest:
Rallyes, tours, demonstration, internetactivism

Selforganisation of refugees:
Meetings for networking | lager delegations | press work | support of refugees in their struggles for their rights | community exchange | online network news | support of infrastructure | means of communication

Demands and Support for Self Organization German-wide:
Thüringen | Sachsen-Anhalt | Baden-Württemberg | Niedersachsen | Bayern | Hamburg

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

We received a payout of €195.00

  C. Yufanyi M.  31. Juli 2019 um 17:20 Uhr

In this month of July 2019, we have experienced the worst floods of all times at our PEACE Centre in postcolonial Cameroon. last week was one of the worst.

After the rain and flooding, we have lost for the second time in less than a month valuable material and motivation. We need your support. See info below.
This financial contribution would be used to help salvage what we can from the floods and continue the building efforts of a strong, independent and critical Network in the region.We thank all those who have endeavoured to contribute until now.

Harambee for Uhuru.



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