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Street Dog Care

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Über uns

The Street Dog Care Camp was established in February 2009 at Boudha Stupa. Every Saturday the SDC Camp team, consisting of two local veterinarians and volunteers, treats street dogs for skin diseases, infections and injuries.

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We received a payout of €5,816.44

  Andrea B.  07. April 2021 um 17:14 Uhr

Thanks so much for all your generous donation. 
We will use it for the medical care and the sick dogs at our dog center in Changu and for the daily treatment on the road that we are doing each day. We are getting calls from many community people for sick dogs and are going to their places to treat the street dogs directly on the road. 
On Saturdays we will use it at our free health camp in Boudhanath. There we work each Saturday from 10am to 1pm. People can bring their dogs for free treatment to our open camp. 
We will also use it for our daily feeding Programm of 1000 and more street dogs, each day.




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