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Multiple Childbirth Support Foundation

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Multiple Child Birth Support Foundation (MCBSF) was registered in 2004 with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, as a non-profit and charity organization in Nigeria. MCBSF is set up having identified the numerous problems and challenges encountered by families of twins and triplets. Indeed Nigeria has the largest number of multiple births in the world. Most of these births occur amongst the most impoverished members of the society. Often ignorance, inadequate care and lack of access to education, proper medical facilities, malnutrition, in addition to serious financial constraints make these disadvantaged group experience abject poverty, frustration and high mortality rate. In the race for survival, the place of education for the children are ignored.
In order to assist in the fight against poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, suppression and marginalization of multiple birth families, MCBSF designed the Multiple Outreach Project (MOP). MOP is a multi-component Project tailored to help multiple birth families in different aspects of their lives. Presently we have about 12 families that have benefited from our micro-credit scheme, 36 children on our scholarship scheme and others that we have helped through the health and welfare scheme. We have paid to secure the release of many mothers and their multiple birth babies held up in the clinics and abandoned by their husbands. We are faced with the challenge of addressing the inability of these families to cater for themselves. Recently, a man out of frustration beat his wife to dead for giving birth to triplets after their first set of twins. Such tragedies can be prevented when these families get financial and social support they so much need. This support is what Multiple Childbirth Support Foundation is geared to render and we need help in order to achieve our goals.

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At Last, Patricia has done a successful surgery

  A. Ekeanyanwu  29. April 2009 um 18:34 Uhr
In 2007, we informed you of an ailing young mother of twins who needed an urgent surgery. We were amazed at your response and received the initial donation from Brehm Andrea and Klara Maria H. Then an organisation Johann und Anny Thomas Stiftung in Hamburg offered to pay the rest of the bill. Since then, there has been one health problem or another inhibiting the surgery. At last, Patricia was in a reasonable stable condition to undergo the surgery. The surgery has been done and it is successful. We thank our donors who made this possible and Dr. Adeniyi who did the operation and has been very supportive in caring for Patricia. Multiple Childbirth Support Foundation is so relieved and happy that the operation is successful and that Patricia is well again. On her part, she is excited and grateful to all who made it possible for her to regain her health. Once again, Betterplace Organisation has made the world a better place for Patricia and her family to live in. Thank you all.


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