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Integrated Community Development Initiative-ICODI

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Integrated Community Development Initiative (ICODI) is a legally registered Non-Profit making Community Based Organization (CBO). our mission is "To work with and through Individuals and Communities to improve the economic, health and social well being of the rural and urban poor communities". We are focusing much on the economic standards since it has caused much of the health hazards among the rural poor communities.

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Hello Every one there

  K. S. Abdu  09. September 2010 um 14:42 Uhr

Thanks for the work you do, we are also trying to work hard to help the rural poor, we are still going on the the small sustainable household income generating activities project.

However our work is not going on smoothly since we lack seeds to give to the rural poor after we have trained them how to cultivate.

I have seveeral photos of our activities done towards this project, any one interested can send me the email address and i send them for you to see how we are doing.

More help is needed please,

Hope to get support from you.





Integrated Community Developement Initiative (ICODI)