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Gomde-Stiftung für tibetisch-buddhistische Studien

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Gomde-Stiftung für tibetisch-buddhistische Studien und Meditation

Stiftungszweck: Förderung der tibetisch-buddistischen Religion, insbesondere durch die Errichtung eines Klausur-und Seminarzentrums für vertiefende Studien.

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  Hergild Heifler  24. August 2023 um 09:36 Uhr

Dear friends and Dharma siblings,  Many sunny greetings from Gomde Germany-Austria! Thank you all so much for your continuous support and good wishes. You are also very welcome to visit Gomde at any time to enjoy this blessed and beautiful place. At the moment, Gomde is in summer mode – the flowers in the gardens are blooming and the warm weather invites visitors to enjoy time outside. There is also an air of anticipation of the next few weeks, which will be eventful and exciting. On August 26th and 27th, the famous yearly summer festival is coming up, and on September 5th, the summer seminar with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche will start. You can still register for the summer seminar which will be a wonderful time for listening to Rinpoche’s teachings and practicing together! We are all very much looking forward to these highlights of the year and are already preparing to present Gomde from its best side for all of you to enjoy. 

https://betterplace-assets.betterplace.org/uploads/project/image/000/075/106/308713/limit_600x450_image.jpeg Without your support, events like these would not be possible. Gomde is kept up and expanding because of your donations, and many people are able to get a taste of the teachings of the Buddha because of your generosity. Thank you for that!  Your donations are used for the monthly running costs of Gomde, which include hot and cold water, sewerage, electricity, internet, food for the volunteers, cleaning, and other monthly expenses. 

https://betterplace-assets.betterplace.org/uploads/project/image/000/075/106/308716/limit_600x450_image.jpeg In addition, there are several other expenses which are covered with your generous support. Now during the summertime, the garden gets a lot of attention, and so gardening tools, plants, and grass cutting devices were purchased. Also, the retreat house which belongs to Gomde will now need new doors and windows.  

That said, thank you again for your ongoing help, be it in the form of donations, volunteering, good wishes or rejoicing in the activity which is happening here. May all our merit and all other merit everywhere cause all sentient beings to awaken to their inherent compassionate wisdom. 

All the best, 
your Gomde Team




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Hergild Heifler

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