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Wothouq e.V. - Women's Community Center Izmir

wird verwaltet von Jana Brehm

Über uns

Wothouq e.V. is an independent non-profit organization, located in Leipzig. Having been involved in various migration related projects at the EU's external borders, we have directly witnessed the EU-Turkey Agreements' dramatic affect on migrants arriving to Greece. The results of our research trips to its counterpart Turkey in the following time and the experiences gained through of our work in legal-aid projects crucially influenced the project-concept: based on our awareness that legal, psychological and social barriers interact to create an insufferable reality for female* refugees, everyday problems should be addressed in coordination. Only this mean, the projects’ aim - to tackle the lacking enforcement and protection of fundamental rights on asylum, gender and social related issues (root cause of current situation) can be reached. Starting from the basis thus created, through language and skill trainings, women will gain the tools required to autonomously exercise their rights.


Peterssteinweg 15