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ACIP - Asian Classics Input Project

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Über uns

Founded in 1988 with a grant from the David and Lucile Packard foundation, The Asian Classics Input Project is dedicated to locating, cataloging, digitally preserving, and freely distributing rare and precious collections of Tibetan and Sanskrit manuscripts. These surviving texts hold the philosophical, cultural, and religious heritage of Asian traditions dating back more than 2500 years.

ACIP strives to digitally preserve these invaluable manuscripts because we believe that authentic ancient wisdom should be available to scholars, translators, and practitioners throughout the world, free of charge.

This organisation cooperates with the Maecenata Foundation:

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Latest news

We have great plans for 2018

  D. Gebert  15. April 2018 um 22:53 Uhr

Dear donors,

In the first quarter of 2018, Nour Ibrahim, the Romanian project manager, intensively analyzed the results of her project in 2017 and worked out how best to achieve her goals in 2018 - how to use the funds that are available thanks to your donations most effectively.

The plan for 2018 looks like this:

10 refugee women will participate in a sewing class at the Atelier Ilbah. But this year we want the refugee women to learn together with Romanian women. So, they will attend sewing courses individually, depending on their schedule, rather than as a separate group. - Why should that be so in 2018?

It promotes social inclusion. Women learn Romanian more easily when surrounded by Romanian participants. Women have the opportunity to make friends and tell their stories, drawing attention to refugees and their lives in Romania. Being accepted in a Romanian group will empower the refugee women and make them less vulnerable. We save time and effort to create a tailor-made course for the refugee women.
And when should it start? Now - in April 2018.

All that is needed is now made visible again as a need here on the donation page. We already knew about the first demands at the end of 2017, so that they are partially fulfilled by your generous donations. Thanks a lot for this. Now it goes on.


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Sedona, AZ 86351

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