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Blessed Children's Hope Foundation.

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Über uns

Blessed Children's Hope Foundation was founded in early 2009, then officially registered as a Non-Profit Organisation in 2012, with the aim of expressing hope, increasing opportunities and empowering communities

This Organisation widely reaches disadvantaged children and families in the community. Our priority is to improve support, love and care through provision of education, health care, clean water, feeding, recreation activities, self-sufficient projects and Biblical resources.

Core Values

Blessed Children's Hope Foundation is based on the following guiding principles:

•We are ambassadors of hope
•We are guided by God given principles
•We are responsive to those in need
•We value education, health and fighting hunger for all as equal opportunity
•We are partners of development


•Empowering community economically through pursuing income generating activities and vocational training
•Developing initiatives such as education support, agriculture, micro-finance, health care, sports and adding value to existing efforts designed to strengthen community
•Increasing awareness of diseases such as HIV/AIDS among the community
•Providing spiritual guidance to children and their families
•Equipping the community with skills necessary to negotiate, support and maintain safe behaviour


86127, City square

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