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Blessed Children's Hope Foundation.

managed by A. Maina

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About us

Blessed Children's Hope Foundation is based on the following guiding principles:
We are responsive to the needy those in need
We value education, clothing, health and food to all equal opportunity
We are partners of development
We are guided by God given principles
We are ambassadors of hope
Blessed Children's Hope Foundation will seek to complement the work of other agencies in the community in which we do work. We are committed to accurate measurement and reporting of the value gained by child sponsorship, donations and support partnerships, the benefits it generates to communities and the Foundation and its long term effectiveness in meeting the community needs.

Assessing child-welfare needs for abandoned orphans and vulnerable children through coordinating resources for their care
Empowering youth and widows economically through pursing income generating activities and vocational training
Develop initiatives such as education, support, agriculture, micro-finance, healthcare, sports, arts and crafts and add value to existing efforts designed in strengthening families and support services to children infected by HIV/AIDS
Increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS among children, youth, adults and families in general communities in the project area as one of the means to control the spread and promote prevention of HIV/AIDS
Enhancing a partnerships approach that strengthens responses of community bases organizations and those that contribute to social welfare institutions and organizations that embrace a number of care and support options
To provide spirituals guidance to children and their families
To equip the community with skills necessary to negotiate, support and maintain safe behaviour



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