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Mindfulness Project e.V.

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Über uns

We are a german charity to built a sustainable eco village in the poorest part of Thailand. We protect and enlarge the tropical forest and create a low tech model for ecological modern living

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I received a payout of €6,363.13

  Christian C.  02. Januar 2018 um 15:04 Uhr
We're back thanks to you!

Here at the Mindfulness Project we wanted to take a moment to reach out to our donors with an update and a huge thank you!  As you know we had a very difficult time at the project recently.  However, because of all of you we were able to get back on our feet and are back in action stronger then ever!

How your donations helped!

All the donations received went directly towards solving our many problems that arose these past few months!  Life is never without these challenges but together with our global family we were able to overcome them and move forward.

To start we were able to get brand new toilets installed for the volunteers.  This was a requirement by the local Thai Health Department.  Our compost toilets were wonderful but didn't meet there standards.  As you can see in the video our new toilets are made with cement and are much easier to keep clean, thus providing our volunteers with an additional level of health and cleanliness.  Jungle living can be rustic, and these new beauties are a wonderful addition!

We also were finally able to install a strong water filter!  The bottled water we depended on for so long was no longer reliable and in an effort to comply with the Health Department and keep our volunteers safe we had to get the filter installed.  Now we have clean drinking water on site and no longer have to depend on an outside source to provide it for us.  This is such a big step towards saving money as well, which can be used now to further our goals towards reforestation, permaculture, natural building and community outreach.

Finally, we have begun the long and legal process of becoming a charity in Thailand!  This is an incredible step forward for us!  We were in danger of being declared a business and therefore having to pay taxes which we couldn't afford.  It is a pricey process to gain this charity license but goes a long way towards making the Mindfulness Project more legitimate here in the country.  Because of all of you we now have our start up funds for this!  We are working closely with our network of highly qualified Thai locals to set this up and very soon will be fully registered in Thailand.

We can't thank you all enough for your continued love and support!  This means so much to us that there is a global network of people out there in the world that are still part of the Mindfulness Project.  Together we can accomplish anything!  We hope to keep this success going and have several more projects and ideas that we can begin working on.  Let's keep it going strong and remember, every little bit helps, whether is a donation, a share or telling your friends and family about us and what you experienced here.  

So much love and thanks to you all!  May this message find you well and as always, full of loving kindness!

Tiana Smith
The Mindfulness Project Thailand


Arnemannstr. 6

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