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Mindfulness Project e.V.

wird verwaltet von Christian C. (Kommunikation)

Über uns

We are a german charity to built a sustainable eco village in the poorest part of Thailand. We protect and enlarge the tropical forest and create a low tech model for ecological modern living

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Latest news

I received a payout of €1,009.13

  Christian C.  04. September 2018 um 17:27 Uhr

Hello Friends of the Mindfulness Project!
After our last close down period we have been working hard on the new toilet and shower block. We first had to remove all the grass that has tried to make its home there during the break, then creating the cement floor in each of the 6 showers and the entrance. We have been so productive that we have even moved on to cementing the floor on the upper level! Your donations have allowed us to be able to purchase the sand and cement needed to create something really long lasting for our guests and volunteers 
The garden is coming along nicely, we have harvested our first papaya which is very exciting and tasted so good! 
A down side to the rainy season is the severity of some of the storms! Unfortunately some of the casualties during the close down were the sun shade over the mud pits and the roof over the mud mixing machine. They have now been returned to their former glory, or in the case of the roof over the mud mixing machine, have been vastly improved!
Another more creative project we are working on right now and was possible through your donations is the painting of the current toilet block. The grey façade didn’t match our vibrant personality so we decided to give it a face lift :-) The outside is finished and looking beautiful, so we have moved on to the inside. Watch this space…
A huge THANK YOU to all of you for every penny donated. We passionately believe  It makes such a big difference to be able to continue our work and it’s all down to you. 
Biggest hug from Thailand 



Arnemannstr. 6

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