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Children's Future Fund e.V.

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Children’s Future Fund e.V. ( hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, Projekte zugunsten von hilfsbedürftigen Kindern zu unterstützen. Unser Fokus liegt dabei auf einer nachhaltigen Entwicklungshilfe, die insbesondere die Bildung der Kinder fördern soll. Wir unterstützen dabei lediglich Projekte und Einrichtungen, die uns persönlich bekannt sind und zu denen wir persönlichen Kontakt pflegen. Damit stellen wir sicher, dass wir auf die unterschiedlichen Bedürfnisse gezielt reagieren können.

Wir alle von Children’s Future Fund arbeiten ehrenamtlich für diesen Verein und übernehmen die Kosten privat und über unsere Mitgliedsbeiträge. Damit garantieren wir, dass jeder gespendete Euro zu 100% bei den von uns ausgewählten Projekten ankommt!

Hintergrund der Vereinsgründung im Mai 2012 waren die finanziellen Probleme des Yayasan Hati Mama Kinderheims auf Bali. Dieses Kinderheim ist uns durch unsere Vereinsvorsitzende Phoebe Dowling bekannt, die dort ein viermonatiges Praktikum absolviert hat. Das Kinderheim wird seither vom Children’s Future Fund finanziell unterstützt. Der Verein ist seitdem stark gewachsen und es ist uns mittlerweile auch möglich, weitere Projekte zu unterstützen.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Scholarship reports 2018

  A. Zinn  12. Dezember 2018 um 13:47 Uhr

Frohe Weihnachten, alle miteinander -
zum Jahresausgleich haben wir Briefe von den drei Stipendiaten erhalten, die ihr hier nachlesen könnt. Vielen Dank euch allen für eure Geldspenden hier via betterplace, die wir zu 100% an unsere nepalesische Partnerorganisation CANOPY NEPAL weitergereicht haben. Diese Organisation besteht aus jungen Studenten, die sich ehrenamtlich für das Projekt engagieren. Wir haben einen jungen Mann namens Deekshak damit beauftragt, sich vor Ort um unsere Stipendiaten zu kümmern und nun diese Berichte erhalten.

Viele Grüße und eine besinnliche Zeit -

 Scholarship Report 2/2018   Name: Manju Bishowkarma Current program: B.A.LL.B  (LAW)  Topics to be considered  Student Life -       What courses are you taking at the moment?                 Currently, I am having BALLB which is a law course and in order to graduate it takes 5 years and at this moment I am in the third year.  -       How do you like the program you are enrolled in? I am blessed to enrolled with this program which was my childhood dream, I have always dreamed of equity and equality and to be the voice of voiceless people and this is the right course which includes national laws to international laws  and also institution ( Kathmandu school of law)  which has provided the environment more like family  teachers and professor are so much helpful and supportive and senior are also helpful and most of the people I met here are have similarity in dreaming also institution itself has been the voice and had done lots of contribution for nation and voiceless people and always inspire to be the one.  Extracurricular activities -       What have you been doing apart from studying? Please tell us more about your extracurricular activities. Firstly :  -       As per my college schedule we have class 10 to 4 and we will be given lots of assignment and law itself is tough course and I won’t have as much as time that I wanted to spent in extracurricular time because I enjoy those activities despite my hectic schedule as you know that I am working in Youth fusion network as a campaign coordinator (Amnesty international Organisation) Which is in our college.  -       Secondly:  

This the most important event that I have done ever  I have participated in Oxford price media law moot court competition, firstly let me explain what is moot court competition?  Moot court competition  is   competition of law student from different part of country where we will be given imaginary case with  related to actual event and there will be actual judge and we have to plead In front of them  and it is really important for law student which makes law student lawyer before they hold their license in a sense that if law student took part in this kind of competition They are going to become  excellent lawyer because they learn many things such as research, speak confidently, to give and frame  logical argument and  learn how to speak in front of judge.  What IS OXFORD Price media law moot court competition?   It is a competition which is related to people Right to freedom of speech and right to privacy and also related to Head speech,  and different moot court competition has their own rules and regulations but to take a part in this competition we must be qualified  firstly I was qualified by college for this competition and than  Once Moot court  problem was released we sat together  and done lots of research regards to that particular problem  and we have to submit written memorial from both side Respondent and applicant side where many teams from different country applied only 14 teams should be selected  and we are selected  within 14 teams where I have got chance to represent my country Nepal and my institution for the first time which would be most memorable  and special event .         Miscellaneous -       What awaits you until the next report? Things on a process and they are yet to come.  -       What are your goals for the next four months? I am a dreamer and never stop to dream and always happy to learn new and I am the one who has galore of goal in life I have set a goal for next four month that to take part in Kathmandu dialogue which would be organized by our college with collaboration with government of Nepal and many more international institutions and they will prepare a theme  and many students come from different country along with their professor and politician will also be participated and we have discussion and many more activities we will be doing so I am planning to  take part . 

-        -       Did something happen that impressed you during the last four months, like something that made you feel like you have grown, challenged you, made you very happy, or sad? Yes, this moot court competition had made me feel like that I have grown up, challenged happy and sad.  Firstly I feel like grown up that lots of thought which contrast with each other that comes in my mind about my future and secondly now I am in the third year and we have to study depth about law and finally that when I decided  to broke my comfort Zone and choose to take part in moot court competition and also sacrificed festival and family time which I get once in a year.  I feel challenged during competition preparation  since this is our first time and we have a few time for written submission which takes almost 1,2 month but we only had around 10 to 15 days and we don’t have sufficient materials because this competition was not done by our college before and one of the site ,BOOK , commentary, and report we do not get access and most of the senior who has done other moot court competition they do not have more materials at the same time we are running out of time at that moment we are really frustrated and we have given up every night and sleep and we were just confined within two rooms library and only books.  I feel happy when the result was out and we were qualified for competition and most important thing was that we were the first team from college and from Nepal one and only where for the first time I have got such a golden opportunity to represent my nation and institution what would be glorious moment than this?   I feel sad because there are lots of people who have faith on me that we  would go to the final and won the competition and makes them feel proud and those people who have prayed for me and who have helped me in terms of financial, emotional and intellectual and who is more worried about my future than me and those peoples hopes and faith on me who are much more confident on me than I do and those people who are worried about my health my safety as this was my first trip out of country and always  wishes me  blessed me  and most fearest things and which makes me sad is  not being able to fulfill people hopes and expectation they do have on me I really feel bad and I was dishearten  that I could not make win on finale this things still is a painful and strike . I think life is unfair sometimes though judge was happy with our overall work and at the same time, we were competing with the 5-year student and who have more experience and won the many moot court competition.  -       Something else you would like to let us or donors of CFF know? -       CFF and donors are charm and shine of my  life the way they added colors and lighten up each and every step of my life I even could not be thankful enough to them the entire things they had done to me I am so much blessed to have you all and I just wanted to say that I am going to payoff  all the things that you have done to me by making  you feel proud of me and never let you down because of me and I promise that in future I will be the one like you amazing people .  Sending lots of love from Nepal 

  Scholarship Report 2018   Name:  Bishal limbu Current program: Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and chartered Accountant (CA)   Hi, it’s me Bishal Limbu. Currently I am studying Bachelor in Business studies (BBS) in Shankerdev College. I am studying 3rd year at this moment. I am also studying Chartered Accountancy (CA) but due to the failure of cap 2. I have decided to attend the examination of my cap 2 after the completion of my Bachelor (BBS), as the course has been tough in CA.  Firstly I have decided to complete my Bachelor degree. So at this moment I am only focusing on my Bachelor classes. As I have got a time attend the examination of my cap 2. I have been working for completing my Bachelor degree. In this 3rd year of my classes, I have been studying about the basic concepts of accountancy, taxation, finance and management system. This subjects have been useful for building a good base for me for further coming up my future. As this subject teaches me about the relating things of any organization it will help me to adapt in any kind of business organizations in the coming future. The subjects that recently I am studying in my bachelor classes are: 1.    Business law 2.    Financial management 3.    Business environment and strategic management 4.    Fundamentals of taxation and auditing 5.    Organizational behavior  Apart from my study I have also engaged in a job on a online company. But at this time it has ended its project and I have been waiting for the next project in that company. So in this  period of time I have been working on a photo studio where I am making curriculum vitae of the people who goes to the abroad for the work in  a gulf country. As I have been engaging in a different jobs I have learned to engage with the people and the way to deal with the people. It has helped me to gain the experiences and to enhance my knowledge on a different field. Not only this but also I am earning pocket money from my job for buying stationery materials and for the expenses of extra activities. Beside the job and my bachelor classes, I haven’t got the opportunity to engage in other extra activities. The job and bachelor classes have been keeping me a lot busy. So it’s difficult to engage in other activities.  But at last year my bachelor classes I hope to engage in other extra activities as well that are more helpful for gaining knowledge and experience. I want to join in different voluntary programs and social awareness programs, which aren’t easy to do at the present due to the lack of time but I hope to do in last year of my classes as we have got the field projects and thesis written projects in the last year of Bachelor  In the coming next 4 months I will be attending the examination of my 3rd year. And after that I will be joining the classes of last year. After the completion of my last year I have planned to work as a Accountant in any company that will help me to be fully independent and to complete my CA.  Lastly, I would like to give heartily thanks to all the helping hands which has been always supportive and loving. I hope to make this love and support more worthy to make you all feel proud.                                                      “THANK YOU” 

 Scholarship Report 2/2018   Name: Sanjeev Bishowkarma Current program: BSc. (Hons) Computing   (IT) Hi everyone. It’s me Sanjeev and this is my report for this semester. Currently I am studying fifth semester at The British College. I started my fifth semester in July and it will be finished in January. I have shifted my college in this final year because of certain circumstances. I three four subjects in this semester which are as mentioned below: ·      Advance Web Engineering ·      Production Project ·      Advance Database System Advance Web Engineering includes the stuff related to web app. Here we do codes in PHP which is one of the most popular programming language for web application. We learn to build web apps and also we go in depth about the frameworks used for the development and different libraries of it. Since, this is the last year we are taught more from practical point view rather than academic. We also learned about APIs and other advance features related with the web development such as JSON object, XML etc. We also learnt the javascript, jquery, bootstrap, css etc.  Next one is Production Project. This subject is completely project based and is one year long which means we are going to have the same subject in next or last semester as well. In this subject we are told to choose a project of our own which can be anything but should be related to ICT. For this fifth semester we are just told to prepare the project specification document of the project that we chose. This document contains the requirements of the project, methodology used to complete the projects, resource used, research carried out etc. For this project I have planned to do Online Flat/Room Rental System which is a web based application and will be based on php.  Last subject for this semester is Advance Database System. This subject is all about database and its use in todays ICT context. Here we are learning Oracle and all about the data warehouse, big data, data mining etc. Of three subject I find this very complex and is very difficult. We have to build an application on database itself. We are learning about procedures, OLAP, OLTP, functions etc. in this subject. We are learning in more depth so that one can easily get a job after he/she do her graduation. So, it is very difficult. I am trying my best to bring out the best in all subject.  Till date this semester has been very much fruitful. I am getting to know more about the IT technologies and ICT world. This semester has inspired to work more hard and manage time properly. There are many students in our class which is like more than 90 which is the first time that I have ever studied in class with this many students. This has taught me to be more independent on learning also in such a big classroom teacher cannot address each students individually. I think this is the big challenge for me since till date I was not used to this environment. So, I am working hard each day to bring out the best in me and for the best result. I have also learned about the real life problems in IT industry and other stuffs related with digital marketing and advertising etc. Our college organizes different seminar and workshops from time to time in topic related with IT, AI and marketing which also has helped me a lot. Thought I could not attend all of them because of my job and other stuffs the ones that I have attended were worth it.  Apart from studying, I am doing a job as a teacher. I am a part time teacher and sometimes I work as full time as well when there is more work and they need my help. I am a computer teacher. I teach from class 3 to class 7. I enjoy my job very much. It is one of the respected job and I feel proud that I am a teacher. The school name is Baby Land English Secondary School. The school is not very big, it is of middle level with about 300 students. The students are very nice and loving. This job has made me more matured and practical. I feel proud that I am earning for myself and studying as well. I had experience of teaching from the previous school which is DR Memorial Int’l School so it has been quite easy for me.  Our college have not organized much programs or extracurricular activities. It had organized a fair at the time of dashain and tihar which I could not attend. But I get to be a part of lots of extracurricular activities that school organizes. I am involved in various students’ activities which happens every Sunday. We also organize rallies and other programs in environment day and other special days. Recently we had organized Interschool Teacher Futsal Tournament which was a grand success. We had organized the program with the aim of making the relationship with the neighboring school more strong and for friendship among teachers and schools. It was a grand success though we could not win the tournament and lost in the quarterfinal. Twelve school had participated and it was a one day tournament. Every participating schools were happy and thanked us for doing something new. It was a proud moment. This is pretty much everything that I did. Apart from these there weren’t any special events or activities that I became part of.  I am going to finish my fifth sem in January and then will be in sixth sem. I ma pretty much excited for it. For the next four months I will be busy in my studies, projects and job. That’s pretty much everything that I have planned. I also got to prepare for my presentation and demonstration for my assignments. Also, I am planning what to do after completion of my sixth semester. I will be planning for that as well. All these events and activities has made me feel more matured and grown. Specially, the job I am doing this has helped me a lot to develop myself professionally.  Lastly, thank you everyone for supporting me for my study and I will do my best to make your support worth it. 



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