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Liter of Light Netherlands

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Über uns

Liter of Light is a global network of organizations that install solar bottles – recycled PET bottles filled with water and bleach – to provide an alternative cheap source of light for underprivileged households. The technology of a solar bottle was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was first implemented in the Philippines in 2009. The idea of illuminating homes through solar bottles spread quickly around the globe. “Liter of Light Netherlands” is the first initiative of this kind the Netherlands and located in Maastricht. This student-organized organization aims to build up other “Liter of Light” sub-organizations in developing countries and to support them with fundraising, strategy planning and national expansions. Furthermore, the aim is to facilitate the set up of a global network to build a basis for international cooperation. This should increase awareness for the idea, simplify fundraising and improve cost-efficient sourcing of materials.


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