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Isaka Memorial Foundation

wird verwaltet von J. Achoki

Über uns

Isaka Memorial Foundation is registered as a non-profit in USA. We have a volunteer board of directors. Our Project in Siaya District of Kenya is called NYAMILA COMMUNITY CENTER for CHILDREN. It caters for HIV/AIDS orphans by providing Clean Drinking Water, Food Rations, Medical Services (camps), School Fees & Supplies. We have also started Agricultural Assistance for long-term food security.

Nyamila Community Center has its own local leadership, headed by the chairman, Mr. Caleb Owiti, Secretary & Center Manager, Mr Charles Omondi, and a team of committee members.
Among our accomplishments are:

1. Serving a total of 154 orphans
2. Built an administration center block
3. Purchased Van for transportation of goods and people at center
4. Drilled a water borehole - 82 Meters deep
5. Conducts medical camps every quarter - to screen for HIV and treat common ailments
6. Distibutes food rations ( corn, beans, cooking oil and salt) on a two-weekly basis to caretaker households
7. Started agricultural assistance - supply of seeds and plowing of 1-acre plots for households who make compost manure.
8. Pays school fees and other supplies for children in primary and secondary schools. Registration and retention is 100%.
Visit website: to see details.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Walkathon in New York - for Nyamila Community Cent

  J. Achoki  30. September 2010 um 17:33 Uhr

What:          3rd Annual Walkathon – for AIDS Orphans in Kenya


When:         Saturday, 16th October, 2010 – at 10:00 AM


Where:         Lincoln High School, 375 Kneeland Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704  Phone: 914-376-8400


What to do:   You can raise money by seeking sponsorship and joining us for the walk or you can    donate directly at our website.



4077 Persimmon Drive

Kontaktiere uns über unsere Webseite