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Wohnschiffprojekt Altona e.V.

wird verwaltet von Fabian W.

Über uns

Seit 20 Jahren existiert die Kinderbetreuung durch das Wohnschiffprojekt Altona. Unsere Arbeit begann 1992 als Inlandsprojekt von terre des hommes, bereits vier Jahre später konnte das Wohnschiffprojekt als eigenständiger Verein und Projektpartner von terre des hommes seine Arbeit aufnehmen.
Diese wurde beständig an die realen Bedürfnisse der Flüchtlingskinder und -jugendlichen angepasst – die letzte große Umstellung machte das Projekt nachdem am 30.09.2006 die Bibby Altona abgeschafft und die Zentrale Erstaufnahme nach Horst in Mecklemburg-Vorpommern verlegt wurde. Seitdem arbeitet das Wohnschiffprojekt Altona orientiert an Bedarf und Ressourcen in den über die Hansestadt verteilten Folgeunterkünften und bietet zudem Kurse an zentralen Orten an, zu denen die Teilnehmer_innen einzeln anreisen.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Feeling safe during quarantine?

  S. Stroux  08. April 2020 um 14:24 Uhr

Dear supporters,

A small update in times of Covid-19 pandemic.

We currently host three women from Eritrea, a toddler and a newborn in one flat and in the other two single men from Syria and Iraq.

For different reasons they could not find state shelter.
- Because they have received asylum in Greece.
- Because they arrived newly and received very late appointments to register their asylum claims after more than 6 months.
- Because they arrived from the landborder and face systematic lack of reception conditions despite vulnerabilities.

Your support contributes to their safety and sustains their home. In times of pandemic having a 'safe place' has gained another meaning as you may understand. The Covid-19 virus may hit everyone, but not everyone can protect herself, take preventive measures or find medical help in case of sickness. Greece has one of the poorest public health systems in Europe due to austerity measures imposed by the Troika. Germany played a major role in defining those measures that leave everyone in Greece today exposed. Greece has the lowest numbers in virus-testing and a very lower number of Intensive Care Units relative to the population. There were no masks or disinfectant sprays available on the market since before the lockdown on March 23, 2020.

In this environment, the ones without 'homes' or living in dire conditions such as refugee hotspots on the Aegean Islands, refugee camps in the mainland, in detention centres or abandoned buildings, cannot protect themselves. Furthermore, the new government of rightwing Nea Dimokratia in July 2019 stopped the access for refugees (amongst others) to the National Social Insurance Number (AMKA), which was easing access to medical examinations, therapy and the provision of free medicines. Even though a new system has been introduced on April 1st with a Provisional Insurance and Health Care Number (PAAYPA), it's still unclear when and how refugees will be able to register for this. Currently, two temporary accommodation sites for asylum seekers (namely Ritsona and Malakasa) are under a 14-day quarantine, as first incidents of Corona infected were detected there. Police is guarding the camps form the outside, hundreds of refugees locked inside without any protection.

With 36,000 still trapped under inhuman conditions on the Aegean Islands, without having secured access to water and soap, forced to queue half of the day for food or the use of toilets. With more than 30,000 locked inside marginalised refugee camps in mainland Greece in crowded camps that lack sufficient doctors. With people in Greece having to sew their own masks to protect themselves or to donate to the nurses and doctors who have remained without the necessary protective equipment in public hospitals. With detainees refugee or not, protesting in dozens of pre-removal detention centres and prisons. With only the homeless still in the empty streets. Who is listening?

Support is urgent. Solidarity has to rise.

Stay at home! Open more homes!
Close the camps! Release people from detention and prisons!
Relocate refugees from the Greek camps to safe places in Europe!
Reunite families separated!
Provide nurses and doctors with protective equipment!




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