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Munich Re and Lufthansa - 24 hours cycling

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I forwarded our collected money to these projects

C. Jobmann
C. Jobmann schrieb am 23.08.2011

Nabushome school: €3,197.00

Thank you every one for the generous donations - we never expected to raise this much money. I have forwarded everything that is needed for the repair works on the school. We will use the rest to fund a second project at the same school, related to providing food to the children. As soon as this project is set up we will forward the rest to Pauls charity - rest assured that every penny makes it's way to Nabushome.

Once again: Thank you very much everyone! We will provide pictures proving that we a) really cycled last weekend and b) pictures from Zimbabwe as soon as we have them.

Best regards,

Christopher, André, Flo, Achim (who stepped in last minute for Tom)