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Eine Spendenaktion von C. Jobmann

Munich Re and Lufthansa - 24 hours cycling


Worum es geht


About two years ago Flo had the idea to sent a joint Lufthansa - Munich Re cycling team to the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring. And while he was probably under the influence of the Oktoberfest at the time that idea was born he still signed us up for the event, and in August 2010 the team cycled some 500km, including some 11,500m of climbing.

This year (20th and 21st of August) we would like to combine the cycling with raising money for Paul's Nabushome initiative. Due to the economic situation in Zimbabwe the main efforts have been concentrating on providing the 300 pupils with one meal per day. Whilst this has proven to be a life-saver for the kids, other topics have taken a backseat for financial reasons.

Paul wants to use the funds raised from the bike race for necessary repairs on the various school buildings. At lot of you know Paul personally, so you know that every cent makes its way to Zimbabwe. If you don't know it already, check out his website

Florian Pawelzick, André Liebkopf, Tom Winder, Christopher Jobmann

C. Jobmann

C. Jobmann hat diese Spendenaktion am 01. August 2011 veröffentlicht.

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