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Running for charity - ESMT Marathon intitiative

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The money raised during the marathon initiative ha

S. Dowe
S. Dowe schrieb am 07.10.2008

Psychological help for traumatized children: €673.00 School education for slum children in Guatemala-Ci: €672.00

We have raised 1345 €! Thank you to everyone who contributed. The money has been donated half and half to the two projects we promoted during the fundraising. It has been difficult to decide which project to sponsor as there are so many of them which need help. However, to make a financial impact we decided to focus on two projects, both located in developing countries. Contributing the raised money we want to show that we care - as individuals, as business students, as people who are responsible for a common future.

Thank you once again to everyone who supported us!

On behalf of the Marathon Team Stefanie Dowe