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Running for charity - ESMT Marathon intitiative

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Who also contributed to our initiative:

S. Dowe
S. Dowe schrieb am 26.09.2008

The following people have contributed to the ESMT marathon initiative:

  • Anna Jahn
  • Ariana V.
  • Christian Heise
  • Christoph Dowe
  • Claudia Benassi
  • Comfort Agemo
  • Francis Bidault
  • Francis de Vericourt
  • Guillermo Baquero
  • Jan Hagen
  • Jörg Rocholl
  • Josefina P.
  • K. Thiele
  • Ken Pope
  • Lars-Hendrik Röller
  • Line Crisinel
  • Luc Wathieu
  • Marcella S.
  • Mario Reese
  • Marten Büttner
  • Michel Grajek
  • Michelle Gaffo
  • Martin Kupp
  • Nicola Tosini
  • Niels Billou
  • Prof. Wulff Plinke
  • Rachel and Simon Wakeman
  • Raji Jayaraman
  • Renata N.
  • Stephanie Kluth
  • U. Anders
  • T. Tapera
  • Tatjana Mainka
  • Urs Müller
  • Valentina W.
  • Zoltán A-M.


MBA Students:

  • Anke
  • Arti
  • Aysenur
  • Dorothea
  • Fabian
  • Flavius
  • Francisco
  • Gee
  • Mirko
  • Nilesh
  • Ritesh
  • Satya
  • Shyla
  • Stefanie
  • Stefano


Additionally, our MBA office sponsored our shirts which also amount to 275 €.

Some money was donated in cash. This was then transferred to the team via the credit card of of a member who had already donated. Some of the names therefore do not appear in the section "our team".

Thank you everyone who contributed to a good cause and supports our marathon participants. So far we are the project which has collected the highest amount of donations on betterplace.org!


We are proud to announce that all students who have participated in the marathon managed to run the 42.194 kilometers! Thank you again to everyone who has supported the team.