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Remarkable South Africans

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Book Review: The Star Newspaper, 1.07.2010

L. Hadsbjerg
L. Hadsbjerg schrieb am 05.07.2010


by Line Hadsbjerg, Pep Bonet

(Fonart Publishing, R475)

REMARKABLE South Africans is a book that sings the song of unsung heroes and heroines. It tells of South Africans who take it upon themselves to work for a better future for the country – the custodians of ubuntu.

The stories are marvellously written and are accompanied by spectacular photographs that capture the essence of South Africans. The range of personae is remarkable: every person has their story and purpose for what they do, but what they contribute to the bigger picture is selflessness.

It is overwhelming to read, even as a South African, about the people who dedicate their lives to their communities. Whether it is Corporal Enock Manyike, a Kruger National Park ranger who passionately puts his life on the line for the integrity of the area; or Johnny Clegg, who is known as the White Zulu, a man who traversed the boundaries of race and culture to rediscover himself.

The dedication, vision and compassion of South Africans is rooted in the book. Some of the stories, aided by the photographs, may reduce you to tears.

Issues such as HIV/Aids and poverty are confronted in the book, featuring people who have combated these ills to become the best they can be in contributing to their communities. Only after reading the book did I come to an understanding of what the term, “the revolution shall not be televised”, may mean. The book shows that South Africa is a country that has not only been revolutionised by people who have contributed to it politically. It is a country in the process of transformation that is not about politics, but about people showing love to other people. 

That is the revolution and essence of South Africans. This book has captured it in words and in pictures.

–         Tshepo Tshabalala