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Back to school and a huge thank you for a very successful cycle !

Dear Friends,

Thanks to all of your support, this year has seen another tremendous success both in terms of the growth of Lebanon on Wheels and in terms of the support for Project Toufic! We are indebted to everyone who has shared our page, supported our cyclists and donated to our cause.

We want to give special thanks to anyone who has donated anonymously. Your generous contributions are greatly valued and will make a world of difference to the three boys! Unfortunately those who chose to remain anonymous we cannot thank properly as they remain anonymous to us too. We would really love to have the opportunity to thank you personally so do please, please contact our page!

We hope that you have a wonderful month of September and are happy to announce that the boys in the home of Deir el Salib, where Toufic, Abbas, Ahmad and Mikhael live, have started another year of school. They are enjoying themselves to the max and we are grateful for all your help in making this happen! New pictures should follow as soon as possible !
Thank you once again for all your help, kindness and generosity.

Aloys, Antoine, John and Luke