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Eine Spendenaktion von A. Soden

Lebanon on Wheels III

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two teams, two routes, four bikes, over 6000 km, one goal

This summer, Lebanon on Wheels needs your help! For the first time since its creation, two teams will take on the cycle. Antoine Breteau and Luke Pitmann will be departing from Bilbao whilst Aloys Hohenzollern and John Warrender will be making the trip from Berlin.

The money raised will support three Lebanese children Toufic, Abbas and Ahmad and provide them with the education that they deserve. The hope is that the physical challenge will engender support from friends, families and all those who hear about Toufic and the other boys’ situations. The journey entails spending 6 weeks on bikes with a distance of approximately between two and a half to three thousand kilometers.

“Project Toufic,” has the potential to bring a life-changing opportunity to three young boys. It is a project that will operate in cooperation with the Lebanese and German associations of the Order of Malta.

Toufic is a thirteen-year-old boy who lives in a psychiatric institution for people with physical and mental disabilities in Lebanon, run by nuns.

The handicapped in Lebanon aren´t given the care or support that is thankfully familiar to much of Western Europe. The homes have few public funds at their disposal and as a consequence, most of the institutions are hopelessly overcrowded and have trouble finding suitable personnel. The nuns and caretakers work with huge amounts of love and ensure that the key elements of day to day life are accomplished (feeding, washing, diaper changing and so on).

Toufic suffers from severe mental disability and as a result can barely speak. Apart from a few sounds, he is very restricted in his communication and his everyday life is rendered far more difficult. As a further consequence of this, some of his social skills are underdeveloped, such as his ability to integrate within a group. 

Toufic has two friends called Abbas and Ahmad who live with him in the care home. Abbas is twelve years old and suffers from a non-operable brain tumor as well as also being slightly mentally handicapped. He is a very joyful and happy boy who is very aware of his surroundings and events taking place around him. Ahmad is a bright, adorable, twelve year old boy, who is mentally challenged.

The aim of the project is to provide Toufic, Abbas and Ahmad with lessons given by a special pedagogue three times a week for six hours each. Based on those classes, Toufic may well get much-needed speech therapy in the long run. €4800 are needed per year to make this happen. This money would be fully used to support Toufic, Abbas and Ahmad and would ensure the running of the classes for one year. Three years ago Project Toufic was created and enough money was raised to support the boys for three years. However, we now need your help again. 

However, we want to go beyond providing the boys with one year of education by guaranteeing them the help and support which they need 

Toufic, Abbas and Ahmad Toufic are boys with lots of potential and talent. At their age, they are very capable of learning a huge amount and benefit from a tailored education. This chance must not be taken away from them due to a lack of funding. Thanks to your donation, not only the childhood but the whole life of our friends can be greatly improved.

We're thankful for every support and donation!

Aloys, John, Antoine, Luke, Auguste and Adelheid

Deutsche Assoziation des Malteser Ordens
IBAN: DE82 3706 0193 0030 1470 22
Pax Bank Köln
Please use ‘Lebanon on Wheels’ as a reference upon your donation

A donation receipt can be provided to you by the Order of Malta upon request. It will be posted to those donors who provide their full address in the ‘purpose’ cluster of the transaction.

A. Soden

A. Soden hat diese Spendenaktion am 20. März 2018 veröffentlicht.

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