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Sarah runs the 'Berlin Marathon'

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Facebook post: 18th August...

S. Bowden
S. Bowden schrieb am 18.08.2017

A few years back, I met this wonderful group of people who came to see a show I was doing in Berlin.. I fell in Love with their massive smiles and open hearts, and spent some time with them at their assisted living home, here in Berlin... As I'm currently playing a role thats all about helping others less fortunate than ourselves, I decided I wanted to help them this year! I love to run, so I've set myself the challenge of running the Berlin Marathon on the 24th of September...I'm reaching out to ask for help with donations... anything you feel you would like to give to support these beautiful humans. The idea is that they can use the money we raise it to enjoy more of the Arts scene Berlin has to offer. Theatre tickets, swimming pool entrance and things like this.
My fundraising page has all the information about the project, a 'DONATION' button, and a link to the specific page from the 'Berlin Lebenshilfe' group, where the money will be going.. 
Please, have a look.. and give what you can...Together, I really believe we can make a massive difference in this world, and even make the lives of those less able to help themselves, a little more joyous.
Thank you for your support with all of my crazy ideas and adventures... Sarah xoxo