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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, Dein

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Eine Spendenaktion von S. Bowden

Sarah runs the 'Berlin Marathon'

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Sarah, currently playing 'Esmeralda' in Disney's 'Der Glöckner von Notre Dame' in Berlin's 'Theater des Westens'... will be running the 'Berlin Marathon' on the 24th of September to raise as much money as she can for her friends at the 'Lebenshilfe': 

My name is Sarah Bowden, I am a Musical theatre performer, living in Berlin for the past 10 years, and I am currently playing 'Esmeralda' in Disney's 'Der Glöckner von Notre Dame' in Berlin's 'Theater des Westens'. I love to do charity work, and seeing as our show is all about, helping those, less fortunate than ourselves, I have decided to challenge myself, and attempt to run the berlin marathon this year... using this opportunity to fundraise and and help my friends at the 'Lebenshilfe' here in Berlin.

I met this particular group, of gorgeous people, a few years ago when they saw me perform in 'Der Helle Wahnnsin' a show I played at the 'Wintergarten Variete'. We connected immediately, and I went to spend some time with them in their apartment block. I felt such a beautiful connection with every single person, I wanted my fundraising this year to be as personal and specific as possible...

Every euro I raise will go directly to this beautiful group of humans, and the very special group of carers that help make their lives joyous every single day. Specifically, we are trying to raise €6000 so that they can enjoy more of the arts and cultural scene in Berlin. Theater tickets, swimming pool entrance tickets, things like this. 

All of the residents of the apartment block, their wonderful carers, the Lebenshilfe and I, will be deeply grateful for anything you can spare, to bring more art, and joy into the lives of some really wonderful people.

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S. Bowden hat diese Spendenaktion am 17. August 2017 veröffentlicht.

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