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three months to go!

Judith V.
Judith V. schrieb am 02.07.2016

Three months from today, the Cologne Marathon will take of and I am very, very excited already! For the past three weeks I was able to fit quite a lot of running in and it has (mostly) felt very good!

For anyone who is interested, training currently entails two shorter runs (each around 7-9km), one interval run (up to 45 min) and one long run, which I am trying to extend by 1km each week, in order to slowly approach the 21km mark so I can run a trial-half marathon a few weeks prior to the real deal.

Warsaw has proved to be an incredible city to run in. I moved close to the Park Lazienki, a very beautiful and large park, where many others runners and running groups run, and it has been very enjoyable to run in such a lovely environment.