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4 Deserts, 4 Song Saa Foundation: The Sahara Race

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A Song Saa Foundation Thank You

W. McCallum
W. McCallum schrieb am 11.05.2016

With Allen resting up for his next desert challenge we would like to say a big thank you to our intrepid runner, and to all of you for supporting his efforts to raise support for the marine conservation activities of the Song Saa Foundation, in the archipelago of Koh Rong, southern Cambodia. 

Allen's next goal is to raise € 7500, by completing the Gobi March (19th - 25th June), the Atacama Crossing (2nd - 8th October) and the Last Desert (Antarctica (20th - 26th November) (seven day races, covering 250 km). And we will be launching a new event in the coming days to support this effort.

But right now, as we close this campaign, a BIG Song Saa thank you to you all.

Wayne McCallum

Executive Director

Song Saa Foundation